Here at Limelight Tile & Ceramics we are more of a service than a product.  We specialize in custom ceramic tile manufacturing.  Our products range in size, shape, color and even utility.


Our ever developing line of custom tile has both dimensional and flat surfaces.  The true passion in our work however is teaming up with customers, designers or anyone else who wishes to spawn creativity in the form of ceramics.


Our line of glaze colors available vary from clay body to intended purpose.  By looking at our glaze gallery you can experience photos of our extensive coloring options.  Currently we have over 200 glazes, and that number expands on a regular basis. If the particular project you are working with needs something unavailable in the gallery, let us know and we will can work on creating a formula specific to your needs.


You have come to the right place if you are looking for the focus of attention when someone enters the room. By creating a custom layout of tiles and assorted glazes we can bring life to your vision. We can take our current tiles, or create a new tile all of its own. From this we will work with you to make a layout for the installer to follow perfectly, ensuring its success. With these custom pieces we are able to cut the tiles which will border the piece prior to glazing. With this service the installer will not have to concern themselves with making the cuts themselves, and you have tiles which are glazed all around.