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The Extruded Line is our solution to being competitive in the flat, “subway” styled, USA made tile world. It started with the 3×9 a few years ago, and is now available in a number of sizes and shapes. The Extruded Glaze Line is currently comprised of 42 standard glazes, and while it may change pricing or lead time, our other glazes or custom are available as well!


Squares and Rectangles

The 3×9 is now joined by a variety of other sizes including the:
2.25x6.75 | 1.5×9 | 3×3 | 4.5×4.5  |4.5×9
Please see our other extruded options as well, as some of the designs still classify as “squares or rectangles,” but required a little more explanation. We have a 2×8 as well, however it is not part of the standard line and is on a longer lead time.

CNC Series

Right Angle Triangles 117.jpg

The CNC Series is our newest expansion on the extruded line; it brings great detail, with little labor. Historically speaking, extruding tiles is nothing new, however in this process we take our extruded tiles and have our CNC create faux grout joints. The tiles, typically 3x9s, are “scored” with the CNC at a depth which grout will be secure, while leaving the tiles strong enough make it through our process and installation. In essence, when looking at final project, it will appear that there are many small tiles when in actuality several of the tiles are made up by one. In doing so, this opened up endless geometrics for us, at CNC precision, while keeping production costs down due to handling less tiles. On top our production time being cut, the installer now has less tiles to line up without the concern of a mesh or tape mount being off skew. Patent Pending


We've uploaded every new tile design in the prototype phase into a convenient place,

check them out and let us know what you think.

prototype wall.jpg


In the past the extruded line had its own Declare label, we have since realized that it was possible to put all of our standard tiles on one label as they are up to their standards. So if you’re looking to earn Declare points, or simply shop for clean products, rest at ease, you’ve found us!

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