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This page is dedicated to paying tribute to tile designs, and photographs taken by various individuals, we thank these people for their creativity and talents.

Tile Designs

The following designs in our
current line were created by
Shari Lynn Bennett:


– Glaze Sample
– Stacked
– Tailfeather
– Wood Tailfeather
– Our Sheetz Tiles
– The Crater Series
– Fish Scale
– Ivy
– Our Leaves Line
– Quadrille
– Stingray
– Convex/Concave
– Mod
– Our Rivet Line
– Coral
– Flow
– Large and Small Bookmatched
– Under My thumb Series
– Helicona Up and Down
– Wavy
– Flight
– Elements
– Sun God
– Zoo Animals
– Pebbles
– Magnolia


FIESTA™ Tile Photos
taken by Ric Evans Photography

FIESTA™ Tile Rendering rendered by DIRRT & Anna Marie West

Rendering by Tim Davis

Extruded Tile Photos
taken by Cole Johnson

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