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Low Fire Red Clay Body

As you can see below, the low-fire red glazes have a hint of red in all of the colors. Depending on the specifics of your design, using red clay to make the tile instead of white, might be the ideal option. Everything depends on the final product that you are searching for when it comes to a custom color ceramic tile. If you do not like any of our 300+ color options, our team can craft a unique mixture to create the ideal color for your tile project. By working with the team at Limelight Tile & Ceramics, you will gain knowledge of our creative process because you will be a part of the entire thing, from the inspiration for the tile design to participating in the color creation. The whole team works to keep you in the loop throughout the design process to ensure you love the decorative ceramic tile when it is complete. Browse our collection of low-fire red glazes for a ceramic kitchen backsplash and other tile projects.
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